About Us

A few former runners have set up this group to help people in and around Pudsey, either to get back into running or to enjoy the many benefits of walking.

We meet twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15pm at Pudsey Bowling, Running & Table Tennis Club. It's an adult only club - giving us that very much needed ''Me Time''. We walk approx 3 miles, some walk faster than others but we always re-group and never leave anyone on their own. Something which Pudsey Runners are renowned for.

Promotes cognitive function

Helps protect the brain against cognitive decay by the release of a brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is a protein, that promotes functions crucial to memory, learning, and higher thinking. When you exercise today (regularly) you can benefit your cognitive functioning for decades to come!

Promotes social interaction

Making new friends isn't easy for many of us and it seems to get harder the older we get. Walking groups provide a perfect, structured way to get yourself regularly into the company of new people

Reduces fatigue

Whilst you might feel tired in the moment, exercise has shown to increase energy levels, especially in times of added stress. So next time you feel tired, pop on those boots and get out walking!

Boosts Mood

Exercise releases endorphins - chemicals that diminish sensations of pain, act as sedatives & also trigger euphoric, energised feelings in the brain. This can happen within minutes after walking and research suggests that 30 mins of walking, 3-5 times per week, may boost mood & significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

Why walk? What are the benefits?

We all know about the benefits of walking for health, weight management, chronic disease prevention, improved cardio health etc, but a rapidly growing body of evidence documents how walking regularly, has been shown to strengthen mental and emotional health in addition to physical health

Unlike the physical health benefits that can take time to kick in, many of the mental and emotional benefits to exercise can be seen almost immediately