About Us

We pride ourselves in being welcoming to new members and there will always be someone to help and support you so you will never be left to struggle on your own. Our motivating coaching team and various Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRFS) will give you every help and assistance to enable you to achieve your ambition.

We have members who have been inspired by the encouragement and support of friends within the running club and have gone on to succeed in taking part in all distances of running that they had never thought they would be capable of achieving.

For Beginners we have a regular 6-10 week programme which we hold several times a year to help you progress from hardly running or not running at all to being able to run 5K or continuously for 30 minutes. See our Jaynes Joggers page for more information.

We have regular social events to give members a chance to chat, relax, have a drink and maybe have a go at bowling, and there's also a lively Facebook group where members organize meeting up for races and training, comparing notes, and generally asking for advice on all things related to running.

We are a great club for meeting new friends and running buddies.