We've recently changed the way club kit is ordered. We've now created a club shop where you can purchase all running kit online.

We have expanded our running range which includes our club race t-shirts (electric green) and our training kit (in various colours). We have also changed from printing to embroidery on hoodies as we felt the quality was better and added a few more items such as hats and buffs.


The introduction of the club shop allows you to order at any time during the month.

Kev Meakin has a small selection of running t-shirts and long sleeve tops that can be tried on a training night before you order, but all other items will need to be measured to ensure a correct fit.


There are a few options for delivery/collection:

1 - You can pay for delivery direct to your door

2 - You can collect in person from PECO in Farsley

3 - Kev is happy to collect orders from PECO but this will be once a month (on the last Friday).



Reflective bibs and event pins are still avalible direct from Kev.